For two players.
The Football Chess is the simulation of a game played on a 8x8 board, divided into 2 times 5 minutes (see Options) with 4 pieces / players on offense and defense in the 5 pieces, including the goalkeeper, the token holding identified by the design of the ball is at the center.
The playing field is half of a level playing field and all the actions are to the same port.
When a player loses possession of the ball, play resumes from the initial positions to roles reversed.
To start the action you touch the button "Start", in later stages we have 10 seconds to pass commands to the opponent.
The two contenders have access to a phase of attack, lasting 20 seconds (See Options) to a maximum of 3 phases (see Options), in which the player can make all the moves you want according to the strategy adopted and 'skill and speed in executing commands, finished the game 20 seconds in hand opponent passes you will have as many seconds to make all moves necessary to defend one's own door.
To move the pieces, you first determine the coordinates of the target box by touching the corresponding letter and number and then touch the piece you want to move.
The pieces move in a straight line in all directions, with a maximum of 3 boxes for the attackers and 2 defenders, the goalkeeper moves only within its own goal area.
If these limits are exceeded, the token to the respective limit stops;
The pieces can not bring themselves to defend the goal line.
In the event that the piece in motion comes into contact with an opposing checker is made a "ball" and the possession of the ball passes the opponent.
Two pieces of the same team can not stay in the same box, but instead can be skipped.
 The goalkeeper, in his travels never commits a foul and can win the ball moving in the same box that holds the ball marker.
To make a step before touching the pawn in possession of the ball and after that to which you want to make the switch, the switch can not exceed the length of three boxes.
If a token is on the offensive line 1 of your early stage of the game you have the offside with its "Do it".
The goal is achieved when the token comes into possession of the ball in line 1 to D1 or E1 boxes (boxes door) if empty, otherwise you'll get a parade.

WARNING: Do not touch the field in the blanks as it may cause incorrect moves.
You should not use the last 5 seconds to make a move, it may be incomplete.